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Route planner - ViaMichelin road planner for Ireland

ViaMichelin is a specialist in route calculation in Ireland and Europe. Calculate your pedestrian, motorcycle, or car journey for free. Take advantage of our multiple calculation options: the fastest route, the most economical route, or the discovery route (which allows you to choose the most picturesque roads). Provide information about your vehicle (brand, consumption, type of fuel, etc.) to obtain personalized information on the detailed cost of your car journey. Choose services along your route (service and rest areas, gas stations, hotels) and consult the Michelin Guide selection (restaurants and tourist sites to visit on your route). Our partners allow you to save money by choosing less expensive alternatives such as carpooling, car rental, or train.

ViaMichelin offers route calculations for 4 possible modes of transport: car / motorcycle / bike / pedestrian.

For car and motorcycle routes you can choose from the following variants:

  • Michelin recommended: this route option focuses on safety, simplicity and minimising any risk of route errors. This is the default route that Michelin recommends.
  • The quickest (prioritising time): this route option takes the least time to reach the destination.
  • The short (prioritising distance): this route option involves the shortest distance to reach the destination, whilst always remaining on passable roads.
  • Discovery: this route option favours scenic routes of tourist interest.
  • Economic: this route focuses on fuel efficiency and avoiding toll roads.

For every calculated route, ViaMichelin offers the choice of two or three itineraries and allows you to make an easy comparison.

ViaMichelin offers 6 options to refine your route:

  • Favour motorways: tick this option for a route calculation that will prioritise main roads (motorways, expressways,...).
  • Avoid tolls: this route will take toll free roads whenever possible.
  • Avoid vignettes: in certain countries (Switzerland, ...), some routes will require you to have purchased a vignette. This route calculation option will avoid these routes as much as possible.
  • Avoid maritime connections: whenever possible, this route will avoid any requirement for maritime connections (ferries, etc...).
  • Allow country border crossings: for roads close to country borders, this option enables you to calculate journeys crossing into bordering countries
  • Car with caravan: this option adjusts travel times and toll costs.

ViaMichelin can provide a detailed journey cost for any car or motorcycle route: fuel cost (with details on fuel costs for motorways and other roads) and toll costs (information for each toll used). If you have entered your vehicle model, the cost will be calculated according to its consumption levels.

ViaMichelin also enables you to spread the cost of your trip based on the number of people travelling, very useful for carpooling, for example. To obtain this information, simply click on the « Detailed journey cost » button at the bottom of your route summary.

ViaMichelin can provide you with toll costs for all journeys in Europe, including vignettes as used in Switzerland. This information is updated with each change in rates and takes into account winter and summer prices, in particular.

The toll cost is detailed for each toll barrier and is adapted for each vehicle used: car, motorcycle, camper van.

ViaMichelin will also indicate any crossings into restricted traffic zones, such as Critair in France. Tolls can be avoided by selecting the appropriate option in the route calculation stage.

ViaMichelin accurately calculates fuel costs in relation to the car details your provided in the route options. By entering the make, range, model, year, engine and fuel type, your route will provide you with the fuel consumption and cost information specific to your vehicle.

The cost calculation takes into account the type of roads taken and is based on an average drive in terms of fuel consumption.